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300mm Disc rotor (CB450/500T, CB500/550-4's

300mm Disc rotor (CB450/500T, CB500/550-4's
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The 300mm disc rotor has been designed as a replacement for the standard CB450/500T, CB500/550-4 and CB750 sohc disc rotor . Once the standard original  disc rotor has been removed the upgraded 300mm disc rotor can be fitted. It is designed to be used with either the AP Lockheed or Gremica calliper along with the D & M calliper mount bracket. The disc upgrade may also require a dics spacer to be used and some machining work may be required to make all the conversion fit.

The 300mm disc rotor conversion  has been tried and tested on the race track and offers a substancial braking improvement over standard original equipment.

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